Social Security Disability Facts:
2 out of 3 Americans are denied Social Security Benefits by the Federal Government.

Advantage 2000 Facts:
Advantage 2000 Consultants has represented individuals in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Consultants.


Social Security Entitlement Representation

Entitlement Representation is a comprehensive service that shifts the weight of the bureaucracy from your shoulders to ours. Your Advantage 2000 representative will complete the necessary Social Security paperwork for you to sign. We will identify and gather key supporting evidence and present your case to the Social Security Administration in a manner that expedites processing and enhances the opportunity for a favorable outcome.

If your case is denied, as so many are, the Advantage 2000 staff automatically carries it to the next level of administrative appeal!

Key Benefits

  • Paperwork Completed by an experienced specialist
  • Your case is processed by a team that Understands Social Security
  • Help is always as close as your phone
  • Your Advantage 2000 Representatives handle Social Security cases, Nothing Else!


Your Advantage 2000 staff has more than a century of combined experience with Social Security matters. They understand not only the rules and the regulations applicable to your case, but also the processes! They know which Social Security components are involved, their roles and tasks. By understanding not just Social Security benefits, but the entire Social Security SYSTEM, Advantage 2000 prevents and eliminates bottlenecks and delays. They monitor and manage the status of your claim from START to FINISH.

Claims Processes
Advantage 2000 representatives understand the 4 step SSA claims process and the 2 step redesigned disability process now being implemented. They are familiar with the forms AND THE INFORMATION that needs to go on those forms.
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Medical Determinations
The Advantage 2000 staff is experienced at working with the Sequential Evaluation Process, the methodology that Social Security must follow in making medical determinations of disability.

Social Security Changes
Social Security is our only business.  The program is constantly changing through new administrative rules, new legislation and new court decisions. It is a full time job to keep up to date on changes at Social Security. While thousands of individuals advertise their services as Social Security Representatives, by the governments own numbers, few handle more than two or three cases per year. Advantage 2000 handles thousands of cases each year. Our experience is on YOUR side!